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  • I’ve been an executive in sales for over 20 years and it’s rare that you run across a technology like FantasySalesTeam that can have such an impact in a limited amount of time.

    Rick Hanson, VP Global Sales and Field Operations, HP

  • We saw a 176% increase in total sales, 35% increase in EDGE sales and a 9% increase in profit in the first month we ran FantasySalesTeam.

    Brian Brady, Franchise Owner, Wireless Zone

  • This game is so fun! This will definitely teach our reps how to properly use!!! Mission accomplished!

    Erica Juhl, Sales Operations Manager, AllOver Media

  • A creative solution to a tough problem, and I love creative solutions – particularly those that seem to pay huge dividends.

    Rob Enderle, President and Principal Analyst, Enderle Group

  • Setting up a FantasySalesTeam game is easier than setting up a Facebook account!

    Tino Lopez, Operations Manager, Alorica

  • As one of the least expensive options we’ve reviewed at TechnologyAdvice, FantasySalesTeam offers a great ROI for ANY sales-centered organization.

    Charles Settles, TechnologyAdvice

  • The fact that FST is flexible and customizable, can monitor dozens of sales metrics without operational hassle, and rewards competitive as well as team based selling appears to be a game changer.

    Jim Brodo, Richardson Consulting

  • This tool is a blast! Just took over the #1 position company wide and there’s a lot of smack talk going on!

    Chuck Baylor, Global Account Manager, Aberdeen Group

  • Our ‘players’ loved it, particularly every Monday morning as they switched up their fantasy teams and checked the leaderboard.

    Hayley Chard, Head of SMB Sales, LinkedIn

A few of our customers:
  • HP
  • AlloverMedia
  • Lionbridge
  • Oklahoma City Redhawks
  • Intralinks
  • GuideOne Insurance
  • JJ-Keller-and-Associates
  • FSU-Credit-Union
  • Comcast
  • Dell
  • EMD Serono
  • FSU Credit Union
  • Spirent
  • Wireless Zone
  • Camden Living
  • UPack
Fantasy Sales Team

Introducing FST TV!

Stream results and leaderboards to TV screens around your office or call center for as little as $5 / month!

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Fantasy Sales Team


Interact with FantasySalesTeam from anywhere with our mobile apps available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Fantasy Sales Team

HP raves about success with FantasySalesTeam

Read the case study to learn about the results they achieved.

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Fantasy Sales Team

We work with companies of all sizes, industries, on any CRM!

Learn more about how FantasySalesTeam can drive results for your company...

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Fantasy Sales Team

Use Excel or Easily Integrate with Any CRM

Learn how to measure and reward sales activity without creating a spreadsheet nightmare.

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Fantasy Sales Team

Motivate Your Entire Team

See how to get the most out of your core sales people in addition to your "star athletes".

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Fantasy Sales Team

Keep Reps Engaged

Find out how to overcome sales contest fatigue and apathy.

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Fantasy Sales Team

Increase CRM Adoption

Leanr why you'll see overnight increases in CRM adoption by using FantasySalesTeam.

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